Blogger David Sortino’s recently published book is titled, “The Promised Cookie- No Longer Angry Children”

About the book:

A bankrupt state regional school is faced with closing its doors unless the staff can demonstrate some success with severely disturbed children. The original director and most of the school staff resigned after they squandered over one million dollars from a Title Three Federal Grant. All that is left are the children, an old farmhouse, a defeated staff and the hope that someone will come to their rescue. David Sortino was hired as an interim teacher with zero teaching experience. Once hired, however, he soon realized that the school’s philosophy for helping severely emotionally disturbed children was the same failed philosophy used by the previous administration. Recognizing the past lack of success, he had the courage to listen to his students and heed their angry cries: “teach us something we can use in real life!” He listened with his heart, creating a vision that allowed emotionally disturbed children to succeed and return to public school. With the children’s success, came the school’s success, and the eventual emergence of a highly successful state regional School for exceptional Children.



“From beginning to end of the ‘Promised Cookie,’ the characterizations, educational philosophy, and reflection on the strength of the human spirit entrance the reader, causing each of us to reflect on our own roles as “teachers.” David Sortino has created a compelling account of what love and patience can do in the caretaking and education of fellow beings.”

— Teacher, poet, and parent

“David Sortino’s work in The Promised Cookie is an affirmation of the possibility of each human recognizing his or her true potential through the reflection of another loving human being. A must read for all parents and educators.”

— Parent

“A great read about how to reach angry, abused children! When the human spirit is directed toward the child’s higher self their true spirit will appear! I highly recommend this book to teachers, counselors and parents!”

— Child Psychologist

“Parents of angry children should take note of Dr. Sortino’s story. It proves that every child, no matter the severity of the their problems, can be reached.”

— School Counselor

“Dr. Sortino demonstrates how teaching at-risk children begins when you attach the child’s social consciousness to education. We can all learn great deal from this true story. “

– Middle School Teacher

“David Sortino demonstrates in The Promised Cookie that being a true educator describes who we are, not what we do. It is an artful dance in which both parties must be willing to give and to receive. This inspirational story has reminded me that every day we, as teachers, parents or guardians, have the opportunity to be an angel for a child. Through The Promised Cookie, Dr. Sortino gives us a glowing invitation to be better.”

— Primary Grade Teacher