Poverty and Children’s Brain Development

According to official poverty statistics, 22.7% of families in California were classified as not having enough resources to make ends meet in 2014. This is down from 2013 (23.5%), but well above the recent low in 2007 (17.3%). Although the poverty rate in Sonoma County is lower, (19.7), the question [...]

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When Choosing Wrong Answers Can be Right.

With exams always on the front burner for many students, new research suggests that unusual test taking techniques can actually help students achieve higher performance. As a student, I was taught what is called “errorless learning” or to create study conditions that prevent errors. However, some researchers suggest a more [...]

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When Choosing Wrong Answers Can be Right!

When Choosing Wrong Answers Can be Right

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Donald’s Trumps’ Moral Judgment?

Donald’s Trumps’ Moral Judgment?

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Why Should We Be Concerned.

     Why should we be concerned regarding California’s move to delay labeling of products containing a chemical commonly known as BPA. Please read below. Today’s children face dangerous environmental hazards that can affect critical developmental milestones, particularly brain development. According to a Northwestern Medical study (2011), the number of [...]

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Electronics and Your Student’s Novelty Seeking Brain

A serious dilemma facing today’s teachers and parents is the negative effect the gadgetry of electronics is having on our children’s learning potential and/or ability to focus in school. In short, this lack of focus might be directly attributed to our brains’ need for novelty? In other words, our brain, [...]

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How the French Deal with ADHD

For the past 40 years I have worked extensively with behavior disordered children with an emphasis toward ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) and RAD (reactive attachment disorder) children. Recently I had the opportunity to consult with a father who was visiting the US and had a child had school behavior [...]

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ADHD Research Support for Parents

Parents of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) children often approach each school year with a degree of trepidation and disillusionment. They question: “Is my child truly ADHD or is it a developmental disorder that he/she will grow out of”? Worse, “If he/she has ADHD, do I medicate now and not [...]

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Summer Slumps!

Your children’s summer vacation time can be one of the most pleasant and happy periods, but also can be a two-edged sword, if they fall behind academically. For me, summer was filled with long days of swimming, playing ball etc. However, there was one stipulation. As children we had to [...]

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Behavior Contracts

There will come a time in every parent/child relationship that a written contract should be considered not only for your sanity but also as a way to stimulate the adolescent’s intelligence and problem solving ability In my private practice and work in schools I have developed countless written contracts usually [...]

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